New updates and improvements to Robomotion

  1. Robomotion v1.18.11 is out!

    We have yet another release for 1.18 that includes more bug fixes and improvements.

    Here is the Change log for this release:

    ⚡️ [Improved] Added "Mail Folder" option to Mail Trigger. Before this, new email events were only being triggered from INBOX. This option creates another possibility and that is, to be able to create filters inside your mail client and move the mails directly to a folder. This would speed up the triggering process. Because if you specify filters to a Mail Trigger even with an Event-based option robot needs to log in again, this time searching mail for the specified filters you set. But if you have an option to filter and move your emails into different folders directly within your mail client and set your Mail Trigger from Admin Console by just specifying the folder name without setting any filters the robot as soon as getting the new email event will start the flow.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Mail Trigger IMAP listener now reconnects to the server and continues to listen to events after a network failure.

    ⚡️ [Changed] We introduced Function line numbers in the Exception Dialog to help find the problem faster when an exception is thrown. But this seems to break some flows that throw custom exceptions like

    throw "Amount Mismatch"

    -that we also use a lot. This breaks exact string comparisons inside the flows. So we moved this info to the below section and reverted the msg.error.message data to its original form.

    Screenshot from 2022-09-24 11-04-14

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Version Sync option. After creating a new version you need to publish it and then update the schedule of your flow from the Admin Console. This process becomes cumbersome if you forgot a last-minute fix to add to your version and that is where the Sync option comes from. Sync has not been working if you added a new Subflow into your flow and if you try to schedule a Synced flow you would be getting 404 errors, now this is fixed. Sync is similar to creating a new version but actually, you are overwriting the master version to the version you have selected. We suggest using this option responsibly and creating a new version for every major/minor change with descriptions in your version history. Making a habit of overwriting the same version instead of creating a new version would remove the benefit of versioning in the first place.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Open Browser (Chrome only) now accepts extensions. You can either provide hard-coded custom paths into the properties section or provide an array of strings within your flow with msg.extensions. Open Browser accepts both a local file system path like "/Users/John/grammarly.crx" or you can provide the full Chrome Webstore URL like ""

    ⚡️ [Fixed] on create failed: errors. The previous version was force killing a non-stopping package service after 10 seconds but the real problem we have discovered was actually in the starting phase of the package services.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Added support for custom package nodes to have multiple outputs. We are working on improving the Discord Bot package and this was a requirement.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] When Open Link fails to open a page because of a very rare underlying driver problem - was causing a crash. This is a very minor fix that was not affecting anything and can be considered a cosmetic fix for the logs.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] We discovered a bug that could easily be placed in the "Bugs Hall of Fame" if existed. If you have generated a token for a Robot or have one that is working already and you try to rename your Robot - your token becomes invalid so you need to regenerate a new token. 🤦‍♂️ It is fixed now.


  2. Robomotion v1.18.10 is out!

    We have another release for 1.18 that includes a major fix for a rare crash that leaves the robot in an unrecoverable state and OAuth2 support for Gmail and Outlook.

    OAuth2 support is essential because Microsoft will be disabling Basic Authentication support effective October 1, 2022. More details about this update can be found here =>

    Here is the Change log for this release:

    ⚡️ [Fixed] A crash that leaves the robot in an unrecoverable state. We have seen this in some of our projects and it is also reported by our users. This is not a bug introduced by the latest versions, it even existed before 1.18.8. The crash seems to be triggered by a race, so it was very hard to reproduce. We tried everything to reproduce but still could not able to. A common pattern for this crash was Flow stopping with an exception and Catch / Go to Nodes were seen before the crash. After the crash, you could not run any other flow. We fixed the problem which prevents running any other flows after a Stop, which is actually the after-effect of this crash. Thanks to @arif134 and @Mitchal for reporting this and for their feedback.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Admin Console -> Flows hard coded 5 rows limit is fixed, default is now 25 and you can select other from the selection box.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] a bug in Flow Designer vault item property if the vault is given from a msg. object. After returning to the node property, it was seen as [Object object] in credentials.


    ⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer Function node exceptions now also show the line number causing the problem.


    ⚡️ [Added] Mail -> Search Mail node a "Read Only" checkbox property. The default value is false. That means any mail returned for your search results will be marked as read. If you don't want this behavior, just check the "Read Only" checkbox. Marking Read was the default behavior before 1.18.9. 1.18.9 introduced a breaking change that we are now reverting back to with this better solution, leaving the default behavior the same as before and also providing an option to change.

    ⚡️ [Improved] 1.18.9 introduced a mustache-like option to create dynamic form JSON content with Forms -> Create Form But it was only accepting primitive types like strings or integers. Now it understands complex JSON objects. This is a mustache-like solution, not an exact one because mustache is for String interpolation and this is a JSON object we are replacing the values for. Either string, integer, or a complex JSON object you have to provide the field between double quotes as below:

    Screenshot from 2022-09-11 13-16-53

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Mail -> Save Attachment was failing if the mail it was processing was marked as "unread". The node was throwing a "Server did not return mail body" exception. The next time you run the flow, the email was being processed without a problem. This was not discovered before because the default behavior of "Search Mail" was marking the mail as unread. When 1.18.9 changed that, this bug surfaced. Save Attachment is mostly used after Search Mail or Get Mail. It is now fixed.

    ⚡️ [Added] $RobotVersion$ global variable. Now you can get your robot version from your flow as below:

    Screenshot from 2022-09-11 13-24-46

    ⚡️ [Added] Mail -> Connect and Mail -> Disconnect nodes are added to the default Mail package. Now you can connect to the mail server and use this connection for the mail nodes with msg.client_id. All the nodes were previously connecting to and disconnecting from the server before and after execution. If msg.client_id is empty the nodes behave as before and expect their own Credential property to be provided. If the node's own Credential Property is provided it also overrides msg.client_id if not empty. One exception is Send Mail, it still reconnects and disconnects for every request even msg.client_id is provided.

    ⚡️ [Added] Mail nodes now support OAuth2 authentication for Gmail and Outlook. You have to use the Mail -> Connect node for this. Provide the usual Email Server Credentials from your Vault, select the "OAuth2 Authentication" type instead of "Basic Authentication" and provide another Document Type Vault Credential that should hold your OAuth2 client_id and client_secret as below:

    Screenshot from 2022-09-11 13-33-52

    You can find documentation for Gmail and Outlook by searching OAuth2 Authentication, client_id, and client_secret.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Net -> Http In node's Global Port variable input. It was not accepting the values given by the Global Variables. In order for this to work, you need to delete the old Http In node in your flow and drag and drop a new node from the left Node Palette or with the right-click context menu. The problem was old node's Port type was String which should actually be an Integer.

    Screenshot from 2022-09-11 16-46-12


  3. Robomotion v1.18.9 is out!

    You can download the latest version from

    This will be our last 1.18 release unless we require an emergency fix. We are now working on our next major release, which will include Cloud Run and Robomotion Applications support.

    Here is the Changelog for this release:

    ⚡️ [Added] --send-crash-dumps parameter to robot connection. This will help us collect crash reports and fix problems without discovering or reporting. You can add -s or --send-crash-dumps to your service robot connect line for this to work. No sensitive data is sent to our servers except the stack dump of the crash and some information about where this crash has occurred (Workspace ID, Robot ID and Flow ID) to distinguish.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] A package process may prevent starting new flows if the process does stuck or ends in an unexpected state. Now the package runner follows these processes and after receiving a Flow Stop signal, it continues to watch and force kills after 10 secs if the package process could not gracefully exit. You may have been seeing this error for package nodes when you try to run a flow as "create failed:" errors.

    ⚡️ [Changed] Admin Console default page size is updated to 25 items.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Robomotion Forms responsive design problem fixed for mobile devices.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] If your Queue Name happens to be a substring in another Queue Name in your workspace, then this was preventing to insert new items to your Queue.

    ⚡️ [Added] Excel -> Excel to CSV node added. This can help to operate on large Excel files by converting to CSV. You can then also use CSV Splitting to operate on these files with more memory efficient way. If an Excel file is too large, converting it into a JSON object and trying to manipulate it in a flow consumes a lot of memory. This was a problem with hundreds of thousands of rows or more fewer rows but with an Excel that has tens or hundreds of columns filled with data. (This is for the default Excel package. You can also use MS Excel package for very large Excel files, if you are on Windows and have MS Excel application installed)

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Robomotion Forms uses reCatpcha and reCaptcha has 120 seconds for a token. So you had no more than 120 seconds to submit a form, after that the form submission was not working and the submit button becomes non-responsive. Actually the problem was an expired token and server returning a validation error. This is fixed now by refreshing the token for every 90 seconds.

    ⚡️ [Added] 2 new nodes added under the Vaults package. Vaults -> List Vaults and Vaults -> List Items. These nodes returns the name of the vault or the item and the metadata associated.

    ⚡️ [Added] Excel -> Get Sheets node added. Returns all the sheet names inside the Excel file.

    ⚡️ [Added] It is now possible to create a Form with Create Form that gets the data from msg object. As an example if you have msg.scope and msg.demo fields inside your msg object, you can use them as below:


    ⚡️ [Improved] Mail Trigger is improved by design and functionality. User Interface problems are fixed by adding titles for each input section and default value selections. Mail Trigger was only working by Polling the server with different intervals, if you had selected 5 min or 30 min intervals, you could only be aware of a new mail in the next polling cycle. Now with Event Driven mechanism when a new mail arrives, robot can be notified by the mail server. It is also now possible to filter by from, to, cc, subject and body of mail.

    Screenshot from 2022-09-05 14-29-26

    ⚡️ [Breaking Change] Mail -> Search Mail was updating the searched mails and marking them as read, which should not be an expected end result of a Search operation. Search node now does not mark the emails as read. If you depend on this behavior you can use Get Mail node to mark emails as read when retrieved.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] 1.18.8 added Flow Sharing feature within your workspace. A team of RPA developers can work on a shared flow, save, create a new version and publish the same flow. Permission problems fixed when you try to run a shared flow.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Updating a Queue Item with New, Failed and Retried status could not be updated again, now it is fixed.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Excel -> Set Style node now has a range of styling options, and not just a Date Format option.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Excel -> Open Excel node now can open xlsx, xlsm, xlam, xltm and xltx file extensions. There was a limitation inside the node that was only accepting files with .xlsx and .xls extension but actually the Excel data could be read. ( As a side note if you need Excel Macros, you can use MS Excel package )

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Excel -> Save node now updates and saves the sheet cells that depends on other sheet cell values (linked value).

    ⚡️ [Improved] Save Attachments node is now able to save forwarded or attached emails as .eml files into your file system. An email may have 1 or more embedded/attached emails. Embedded emails are especially problematic if you want to reach the files attached inside these embedded emails. With this improvement, there is now an easy solution: After saving these .eml files into your file system with Mail -> Save Attachments node, you can then extract the attached files inside these emails (the .eml files) with the "Mime Tools (package) -> Extract Attachment (node)".

    ⚡️ [Improved] Search Mail now supports comma separated Subject and Body keywords. You could pass to, from, cc and bcc fields with comma separated email addresses, now you can with Subject and Body fields. This also solves the problem with '&' character which has a special meaning in IMAP protocol. So if you have Hamlin Hamlin & McGill as a subject and try to use this as a Subject Filter, Search Mail was failing to find the emails that contain this subject, even an exact match was not working. Now you can provide Hamlin Hamlin, McGill with comma separated words and search tries to find all these words inside the subject.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] If you have multiple branches and these branches happen to throw an Exception at the same time without being catched by a Catch node, flow was stucking because of a deadlock problem and next flow runs were not starting either and you would need to restart your robot. It is fixed now.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Both Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04 native .deb packages are now auto-generated from our build system, and can be downloaded from our downloads page at


  4. Robomotion v1.18.8 is out!

    You can download the latest version from

    Here is the changelog:

    ⚡️ [Added] FTP package now supports FTPS protocol as well as FTP and sFTP.

    Screenshot from 2022-06-29 18-49-49

    ⚡️ [Improved] Robomotion Forms now supports Custom Logo, Custom Colors.

    Screenshot from 2022-06-29 19-24-13

    Screenshot from 2022-06-29 19-23-20

    ⚡️ [Improved] Robomotion Forms links now supports default values via query parameters with ?key1=value1&key2=value2 after the Forms URL

    carbon (4)

    ⚡️ [Added] Stealth Mode is added as an option to Browser -> Open Link node. It makes Headless Chrome detection harder. Ported from the renowned puppeteer-extras plugin.

    Screenshot from 2022-06-29 20-02-10

    You can test this mode at

    Here is Chrome Headles without Stealth Mode:


    And here is Chrome Headless with Stealth Mode enabled:


    ⚡️ [Added] Editable Flow sharing feature is added within the whole workspace or with private user email within the same workspace.

    This is the first step to make it possible to work on 1 flow as a team.

    If you share your flow to your Workspace every one in your workspace can edit, save and work on that flow. Or you can share to private emails in your workspace only.

    You can open a shared flow for editing from the Projects dialog and Shared Flows tab.

    Screenshot from 2022-06-29 20-06-25

    ⚡️ [Added] Mail nodes now supports TLS 1.0 SSL connections. This is normally closed by any library you use, because this protocol is not secure. But we encountered many old servers in Enterprises still using TLS 1.0 unfortunately and had to enable the support for the mail nodes to work.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Http In node now supports Global and Local variables to set IP and Port. This will make it possible to manage a flow with many Http In easily. Before this you have to update all the Http In node IP and Port parameters if you wanted to change, or move your robot to another machine.


    ⚡️ [Fixed] Only Robomotion Forms submissions when inserted into a Queue was triggering a flow. You can now trigger a flow via Queue -> Add Item node as expected.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Queue Triggered flows now can be seen from Admin Console -> Jobs screen.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Excel cell format detection error is fixed by upgrading the supporting library to its latest version. Thanks to @Andy Hartono for reporting this.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Another token expiration bug and this time hope to be final, is fixed. Similar to websocket bad handshake bug, this time flow loadings was being effected with 404 and 401 errors. You can only see this bug if your robot sits for days without doing anything but if you have schedules or flows running one after another this does not effect. Most visible effect of this bug may be trying to run a flow from the Designer and you see the "Flow started" message but then flow does not work, reconnecting the robot was the only way to fix this. Now with this fix the robot can sit idle for a long time and can work whenever you want. Thanks to @arif134 for reporting this.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] A long standing bug where sometimes Vault Password was not accepting your password and you would have to logout & login again to enter your Vault is fixed now.


  5. Robomotion v1.18.7 is out!

    You can download the latest version from

    Here is the changelog:

    ⚡️ [Fixed] "Connection failed: Websocket bad handshake. Reconnecting" errors. This was supposed to be fixed in v1.18.5 but seems not, finally it is fixed now. This error was happening when the robot's token expires if the robot is not used for a long time. Thanks to @terribletom for reporting and testing this fix.


    ⚡️ [Critical Fix] We have fixed an important bug on the robot which sometimes prevents running older or newly scheduled versions or is seen as "sub-flow not found" errors. The problem is sometimes reported as: "scheduled flow is not running but the designer is running without an error". The problem is whichever version the robot was running it was actually always running the latest "master" version's sub-flows. So if a sub-flow is deleted from a master version, this prevents running older versions, or if a flow is newly scheduled without once running it from the designer, it won't run because the "master" version's sub-flows are not downloaded or cached. The error is not seen easily or does not cause a problem because mostly the only version of a flow scheduled is also the latest master version. But this creates confusion and is tried to be fixed with re-versioning. We suggest updating your robots to the latest version as soon as possible. Thanks to @Mitchal and @arif134 for helping find this bug.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Speech to Text node was failing because of the wrong parameter type. optFrequency's default value was 16000 whereas the robot was expecting it to "16000" as a string value. So if given manually it works, but the default value was not working. Thanks to @AlexM for reporting this bug.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Node "on create failed" logging is improved for both robot and package nodes. This will help improve understanding of flow start problems.


    ⚡️ [Fix] Image node desktop capture was failing, now switched to async model like win access nodes also solves timeout problems.

    ⚡️ [Added] Open Browser now has a custom "Download Dir" feature, any directory can be given for default downloads either for Headless or Headful mode. (Chrome only)


    ⚡️ [Added] Open Link now has "Block Images" and "Block CSS" options which block downloading images or CSS files while navigating to a link. This helps faster page loads, also helpful for scraping tasks.


    ⚡️ [Fixed] FTP Connect now accepts empty passwords for anonymous logins.

    ⚡️ [Added] FTP package now supports FTPS protocol besides SFTP and plain FTP. Thanks to @samadahri for reporting this and providing a test environment to add this feature.


    ⚡️ [Added] Queue Insert trigger is added which can start a flow when a new item is added to the specific Queue.


    ⚡️ [Added] New Item type is added to Vaults: Public / Private Key pair.

    Screenshot from 2022-06-13 14-52-31

    ⚡️ [Improved] Queues inside flows can now use AES or a selected Public / Private Key pair. If Public / Private key pair is used, Queue Items added to a Queue actually use a different AES key for each item which is also encrypted with a Public Key.


    ⚡️ [Improved] Each Node property now has a "More" icon on the right side which enables to write/update the input inside a larger pop-up dialog. This improves the experience for data entry into a tight input space.


    ⚡️ [Added] Robot Version and Uptime can now be seen from Admin Console -> Robots. The robot version must be equal to or higher than 1.18.7 to see this data.


    ⚡️ [Improved] Switch node's array input property redesigned.


    ⚡️ [Added] Robomotion Forms feature is added with a supporting Forms package. Forms feature is built on open source library. You can create and share a Form link with a person outside of your workspace. The submitted data is encrypted with an on-the-fly generated AES key on submit, which is also encrypted with the embedded public key inside the form page. This submitted data is inserted into a Queue. You can use the new Queue insert trigger feature to start a flow to get and process this encrypted data.


    Here is a sample flow to test this feature =>



  6. Robomotion v1.18.6 is out!

    You can download the latest version from

    Here is the changelog:

    ⚡️ [Added] Robot Logs. You can now watch live logs of a Robot from Admin Console -> Robots screen. The logs are end-to-end encrypted between your Robot and your Admin Console session. No data is stored or processed on Robomotion servers. The data comes directly from the robot logs stored on the machine with a 5-10 seconds delay that is caused by the write buffer of the robot file logger.


    ⚡️ [Added] Job Logs. You can now reach Job Logs from Admin Console -> Jobs screen. Same as Robot Logs, it is end-to-end encrypted between your Robot and your Admin Console session and the data comes directly from the robot logs stored on the machine. It is actually the same log screen but opened and limited with the start and end time range of the selected Job.

    ⚡️ [Added] Version number to Robomotion Desktop app. You can now see the robot version from the bottom left corner of the Desktop app.


    ⚡️ [Improved] Robot main flow and sub flow download error logging improved and [503]: errors are replaced with the actual server response status code and error description.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] --proxy parameter was not being used while updating browser webdriver, it is fixed now and uses the proxy setting of the robot if provided.


  7. Robomotion v1.18.5 is out!

    You can download the latest version from

    Here is the changelog:

    ⚡️ [Added] Unhandled exception dialog that shows the caught exception error. This is mostly useful for beginners to share the error message to get help. Before this it was hard and confusing to reach the error message from the Output panel. ( )

    ⚡️ [Added] Excel -> Open Excel node now supports decrypt option to open encrypted Excel files.

    ⚡️ [Added] Guest role is added for invitations to a workspace. Guests can not use Admin Console but can only use Flow Designer. When a guest account connects to a workspace, this account can not see or use the Robots in the workspace. Otherwise this would be a security risk. You would be giving access to the machine the robot is connected to and so the data on that machine. Instead, now Guest account user can only use a robot with robot_id and robot_token provided by the Admin or Owner of the workspace. And anytime this token may be revoked. ( )

    ⚡️ [Fixed] WinAccess package property save error ( )

    ⚡️ [Changed] Desktop Windows Inspector app now is hidden by default when you click Inspect from the Flow Designer and starts inspecting immediately. Instead of CTRL + Left Mouse Click, it is now required to use Ctrl + X to capture the element. You can also use Ctrl + Alt + X to Inspect in Advanced Mode. In Advanced Mode, Desktop Windows Inspector is shown, and you can play with the captured properties and test them before saving and returning to the Flow Designer. ( )

    ⚡️ [Fixed] WinAccess package inspection was having problems while returning the values to Flow Designer, this error is now fixed by returning the data async.

    ⚡️ [Added] Http Request node now supports Base64 option. This option allows you to download (GET method) a binary file like an image or a video file. The output will be encoded in Base64 string format and then it can be written to disk with File System -> Write File with Base64 option checked.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Project List dialog in Flow Designer now uses pagination instead of infinite scroll to fix glitch problems.

    ⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer left, right and bottom panels are now resizable

    ⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer project names are now used as page titles for the Browser tabs to show. Helps to find the flow you are working on between the multiple opened projects.

    ⚡️ [Added] Added "Re-run job" feature to the Admin Console -> Jobs screen. ( )

    ⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer "out of date" error is added. This helps to prevent overwriting the same flow project opened in multiple tabs. If the project flow is updated in another tab, the older flow tab does not overwrite the updated flow when you press the Save button.

    ⚡️ [Added] --proxy support is added to the "connect" command of the robot command-line tool. This helps to connect from a corporate network that only supports connecting to an outside address over an internal proxy server.

    ⚡️ [Improved] CSV nodes now all support encoding option. You can read from a special encoded file and write it out with a different encoding. ( - )

    ⚡️ [Fixed] UTF-8 BOM character removal is needed to read CSVs that contain the character. ( )

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Application -> App In throttle bug was freezing the node and causing Loading errors when the application is starting.

    ⚡️ [Changed] Version Dialog Status column is removed and a loading spinner is added to Created At column while the version is being created.

    ⚡️ [Added] $Home$ and $PathSeparator$ global variable auto-completion added to Function node

    ⚡️ [Added] $PackageDependencies$ global variable is added and can be used to get the package dependencies of the flow

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Red bordering of a node was not working when an exception is thrown if the node was in another subflow instead of the last opened subflow in the Flow Designer.

    ⚡️ [Added] Added insecure cipher (ex: "aes128-cbc", "3des-cbc") support to sFTP connect node. This was necessary for connecting to an old corporate sFTP server. Some old sFTP servers only support these ciphers.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Connection failed: websocket: bad handshake errors. This was being caused by an expiring session if the robot is not used for some time.

    ⚡️ [Fixed] There was a "replace" bug in the previous version of the robot that affected the Http Trigger IP binding setup from the file, it is now reverted back to the original setting ( -> )

    ⚡️ [Fixed] Scheduler is now adding "not connected robot" errors to pending schedules. This was a major problem if a robot misses a schedule when it was not connected. Now the missed schedule immediately starts as soon as the robot is connected.


  8. Robomotion v1.18.4 is out!

    You can download the latest version from

    Here is the changelog:

    ⚡️ [Fix] Mail attachment names can be problematic while saving into the filesystem, they are now replaced with valid characters before saving

    ⚡️ [Fix] gRPC transport closing error fixed

    ⚡️ [Added] Image -> Take Screenshot node is added that takes shots of each desktop screen into separate files

    ⚡️ [Added] Lock security mode feature is added. "--lock" option for command line or right clicking the Robot name and selecting "Lock" on Robomotion Desktop app. In lock mode only previously cached flows can be run. Any new or updated flow run will be rejected by the robot.

    ⚡️ [Fix] Vault Inject fix for robot started with -i parameter

    ⚡️ [Fix] Right clicking and removing workspace was not working when vault keys of that workspace were injected

    ⚡️ [Fix] Version create status sometimes were freezing in "inprogress" state, fixed

    ⚡️ [Fix] Vault item create was not allowed for robot user, fixed

    ⚡️ [Improved] Vault items redaction improvements, some credential items' values were not being redacted, fixed

    ⚡️ [Fix] Mail triggers should only be triggered with "unread" emails, fixed

    ⚡️ [Improved] Global dispatch mechanism is added between the robot and the workspace to update the robot on changes

    ⚡️ [Improved] Trigger add, remove, updates in the Admin Console are now reflected to the robot immediately without a need to disconnect and connect the robot

    ⚡️ [Improved] Trigger add, remove, update and caught info messages added into the robot logs

    ⚡️ [Fix] Designer crash on search is fixed

    ⚡️ [Added] Browser -> Click Element now has Hold and Release click types

    ⚡️ [Fix] Chrome's whatsnew tab is disabled

    ⚡️ [Fix] Remove "received EOF, stopping recv loop" message from the logs