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Robomotion v1.18.11 is out!

We have yet another release for 1.18 that includes more bug fixes and improvements.

Here is the Change log for this release:

⚡️ [Improved] Added "Mail Folder" option to Mail Trigger. Before this, new email events were only being triggered from INBOX. This option creates another possibility and that is, to be able to create filters inside your mail client and move the mails directly to a folder. This would speed up the triggering process. Because if you specify filters to a Mail Trigger even with an Event-based option robot needs to log in again, this time searching mail for the specified filters you set. But if you have an option to filter and move your emails into different folders directly within your mail client and set your Mail Trigger from Admin Console by just specifying the folder name without setting any filters the robot as soon as getting the new email event will start the flow.

⚡️ [Fixed] Mail Trigger IMAP listener now reconnects to the server and continues to listen to events after a network failure.

⚡️ [Changed] We introduced Function line numbers in the Exception Dialog to help find the problem faster when an exception is thrown. But this seems to break some flows that throw custom exceptions like

throw "Amount Mismatch"

-that we also use a lot. This breaks exact string comparisons inside the flows. So we moved this info to the below section and reverted the msg.error.message data to its original form.


Screenshot from 2022-09-24 11-04-14



⚡️ [Fixed] Version Sync option. After creating a new version you need to publish it and then update the schedule of your flow from the Admin Console. This process becomes cumbersome if you forgot a last-minute fix to add to your version and that is where the Sync option comes from. Sync has not been working if you added a new Subflow into your flow and if you try to schedule a Synced flow you would be getting 404 errors, now this is fixed. Sync is similar to creating a new version but actually, you are overwriting the master version to the version you have selected. We suggest using this option responsibly and creating a new version for every major/minor change with descriptions in your version history. Making a habit of overwriting the same version instead of creating a new version would remove the benefit of versioning in the first place.

⚡️ [Improved] Open Browser (Chrome only) now accepts extensions. You can either provide hard-coded custom paths into the properties section or provide an array of strings within your flow with msg.extensions. Open Browser accepts both a local file system path like "/Users/John/grammarly.crx" or you can provide the full Chrome Webstore URL like ""


⚡️ [Fixed] on create failed: errors. The previous version was force killing a non-stopping package service after 10 seconds but the real problem we have discovered was actually in the starting phase of the package services.

⚡️ [Improved] Added support for custom package nodes to have multiple outputs. We are working on improving the Discord Bot package and this was a requirement.

⚡️ [Fixed] When Open Link fails to open a page because of a very rare underlying driver problem - was causing a crash. This is a very minor fix that was not affecting anything and can be considered a cosmetic fix for the logs.

⚡️ [Fixed] We discovered a bug that could easily be placed in the "Bugs Hall of Fame" if existed. If you have generated a token for a Robot or have one that is working already and you try to rename your Robot - your token becomes invalid so you need to regenerate a new token. 🤦‍♂️ It is fixed now.