New updates and improvements to Robomotion

Robomotion v1.18.5 is out!

You can download the latest version from 


Here is the changelog:


⚡️ [Added] Unhandled exception dialog that shows the caught exception error. This is mostly useful for beginners to share the error message to get help. Before this it was hard and confusing to reach the error message from the Output panel. ( )


⚡️ [Added] Excel -> Open Excel node now supports decrypt option to open encrypted Excel files.


⚡️ [Added] Guest role is added for invitations to a workspace. Guests can not use Admin Console but can only use Flow Designer. When a guest account connects to a workspace, this account can not see or use the Robots in the workspace. Otherwise this would be a security risk. You would be giving access to the machine the robot is connected to and so the data on that machine. Instead, now Guest account user can only use a robot with robot_id and robot_token provided by the Admin or Owner of the workspace. And anytime this token may be revoked. ( )


⚡️ [Fixed] WinAccess package property save error ( )


⚡️ [Changed] Desktop Windows Inspector app now is hidden by default when you click Inspect from the Flow Designer and starts inspecting immediately. Instead of CTRL + Left Mouse Click, it is now required to use Ctrl + X to capture the element. You can also use Ctrl + Alt + X to Inspect in Advanced Mode. In Advanced Mode, Desktop Windows Inspector is shown, and you can play with the captured properties and test them before saving and returning to the Flow Designer. ( )


⚡️ [Fixed] WinAccess package inspection was having problems while returning the values to Flow Designer, this error is now fixed by returning the data async.


⚡️ [Added] Http Request node now supports Base64 option. This option allows you to download (GET method) a binary file like an image or a video file. The output will be encoded in Base64 string format and then it can be written to disk with File System -> Write File with Base64 option checked.


⚡️ [Fixed] Project List dialog in Flow Designer now uses pagination instead of infinite scroll to fix glitch problems.


⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer left, right and bottom panels are now resizable


⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer project names are now used as page titles for the Browser tabs to show. Helps to find the flow you are working on between the multiple opened projects.


⚡️ [Added] Added "Re-run job" feature to the Admin Console -> Jobs screen. ( )


⚡️ [Improved] Flow Designer "out of date" error is added. This helps to prevent overwriting the same flow project opened in multiple tabs. If the project flow is updated in another tab, the older flow tab does not overwrite the updated flow when you press the Save button.


⚡️ [Added] --proxy support is added to the "connect" command of the robot command-line tool. This helps to connect from a corporate network that only supports connecting to an outside address over an internal proxy server.


⚡️ [Improved] CSV nodes now all support encoding option. You can read from a special encoded file and write it out with a different encoding. ( - )


⚡️ [Fixed] UTF-8 BOM character removal is needed to read CSVs that contain the character. ( )


⚡️ [Fixed] Application -> App In throttle bug was freezing the node and causing Loading errors when the application is starting.


⚡️ [Changed] Version Dialog Status column is removed and a loading spinner is added to Created At column while the version is being created.


⚡️ [Added] $Home$ and $PathSeparator$ global variable auto-completion added to Function node


⚡️ [Added] $PackageDependencies$ global variable is added and can be used to get the package dependencies of the flow


⚡️ [Fixed] Red bordering of a node was not working when an exception is thrown if the node was in another subflow instead of the last opened subflow in the Flow Designer.


⚡️ [Added] Added insecure cipher (ex: "aes128-cbc", "3des-cbc") support to sFTP connect node. This was necessary for connecting to an old corporate sFTP server. Some old sFTP servers only support these ciphers.


⚡️ [Fixed] Connection failed: websocket: bad handshake errors. This was being caused by an expiring session if the robot is not used for some time.


⚡️ [Fixed] There was a "replace" bug in the previous version of the robot that affected the Http Trigger IP binding setup from the file, it is now reverted back to the original setting ( -> )


⚡️ [Fixed] Scheduler is now adding "not connected robot" errors to pending schedules. This was a major problem if a robot misses a schedule when it was not connected. Now the missed schedule immediately starts as soon as the robot is connected.