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Robomotion v1.18.8 is out!

You can download the latest version from

Here is the changelog:

⚡️ [Added] FTP package now supports FTPS protocol as well as FTP and sFTP.

Screenshot from 2022-06-29 18-49-49

⚡️ [Improved] Robomotion Forms now supports Custom Logo, Custom Colors.

Screenshot from 2022-06-29 19-24-13

Screenshot from 2022-06-29 19-23-20

⚡️ [Improved] Robomotion Forms links now supports default values via query parameters with ?key1=value1&key2=value2 after the Forms URL

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⚡️ [Added] Stealth Mode is added as an option to Browser -> Open Link node. It makes Headless Chrome detection harder. Ported from the renowned puppeteer-extras plugin.

Screenshot from 2022-06-29 20-02-10

You can test this mode at

Here is Chrome Headles without Stealth Mode:


And here is Chrome Headless with Stealth Mode enabled:


⚡️ [Added] Editable Flow sharing feature is added within the whole workspace or with private user email within the same workspace.

This is the first step to make it possible to work on 1 flow as a team.

If you share your flow to your Workspace every one in your workspace can edit, save and work on that flow. Or you can share to private emails in your workspace only.

You can open a shared flow for editing from the Projects dialog and Shared Flows tab.

Screenshot from 2022-06-29 20-06-25

⚡️ [Added] Mail nodes now supports TLS 1.0 SSL connections. This is normally closed by any library you use, because this protocol is not secure. But we encountered many old servers in Enterprises still using TLS 1.0 unfortunately and had to enable the support for the mail nodes to work.

⚡️ [Improved] Http In node now supports Global and Local variables to set IP and Port. This will make it possible to manage a flow with many Http In easily. Before this you have to update all the Http In node IP and Port parameters if you wanted to change, or move your robot to another machine.


⚡️ [Fixed] Only Robomotion Forms submissions when inserted into a Queue was triggering a flow. You can now trigger a flow via Queue -> Add Item node as expected.

⚡️ [Fixed] Queue Triggered flows now can be seen from Admin Console -> Jobs screen.

⚡️ [Fixed] Excel cell format detection error is fixed by upgrading the supporting library to its latest version. Thanks to @Andy Hartono for reporting this.

⚡️ [Fixed] Another token expiration bug and this time hope to be final, is fixed. Similar to websocket bad handshake bug, this time flow loadings was being effected with 404 and 401 errors. You can only see this bug if your robot sits for days without doing anything but if you have schedules or flows running one after another this does not effect. Most visible effect of this bug may be trying to run a flow from the Designer and you see the "Flow started" message but then flow does not work, reconnecting the robot was the only way to fix this. Now with this fix the robot can sit idle for a long time and can work whenever you want. Thanks to @arif134 for reporting this.

⚡️ [Fixed] A long standing bug where sometimes Vault Password was not accepting your password and you would have to logout & login again to enter your Vault is fixed now.