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Robomotion v22.12.0 is out!

We released v22.11.0 on November 17, last month, just before our special Black Friday AppSumo deal and this was a huge update. We have updated all the UI and updated the robot and backend services to support our upcoming Cloud Run and Bot Store features which are still in closed beta.

This also brought many bugs in production, which some of you may have encountered. We have been busy fixing those bugs and deploying the fixes constantly during this time. We have also added some new features along the way.

Here is the Change log for this release:

⚡️ [Fixed] Pressing Ctrl + S in the Function editor should not close the dialog

⚡️ [Fixed] Search box text starts from right

⚡️ [Fixed] Slowness while moving nodes

⚡️ [Fixed] AppSumo LTD info was showing Tier 1 for all

⚡️ [Fixed] Right-click context menu is not showing and searching the package nodes

⚡️ [Fixed] Switching between workspaces is not forwarding to the login page

⚡️ [Fixed] Ctrl+A is not highlighting the nodes but only selecting them

⚡️ [Fixed] Shared flow can not be opened in Incognito Chrome

⚡️ [Fixed] Robot selection dialog should always be shown when the user clicks the Run button

⚡️ [Fixed] Function editor is not showing syntax errors

⚡️ [Fixed] Robot selection screen shows OS and IP as undefined

⚡️ [Fixed] Admin Console table layout problems in Robots and Licenses tables

⚡️ [Fixed] "Try this template" page shows play, stop, versioning, and save buttons but instead should only show the import button

⚡️ [Fixed] Search by tags is not working in the Projects dialog

⚡️ [Fixed] Comment node links should be opened in a new tab

⚡️ [Fixed] Robomotion Desktop app is not closing "robomotion-agent" on exit ( )

⚡️ [Fixed] After the Stop node is executed, Flow Designer is not showing the robot as available

⚡️ [Fixed] Variable panel has scroll-down problems if you have more than 10 variables

⚡️ [Fixed] Increasing and Decreasing Function output ports triggers a bug that prevents saving the Function node script again

⚡️ [Fixed] Zoom In and Zoom out notifications are reversed

⚡️ [Fixed] Switch node property updates are not working correctly

⚡️ [Fixed] Hamburger menu is not working in Flow Designer Templates and Tutorials screens

⚡️ [Fixed] Vault Inject is not working for a robot started with robot_id and robot_token

⚡️ [Fixed] Mac package is not working on Big Sur but only works on Monterey

⚡️ [Fixed] Trigger File Create Crash on the robot side

⚡️ [Fixed] Using backspace while Vault Dialog is open deletes the flow nodes behind the dialog

⚡️ [Fixed] Using backspace after once clicking the Save button inside the Function editor deletes the flow nodes behind the dialog

⚡️ [Added] FTP -> Move File node added to the FTP package

⚡️ [Added] Schedule Priority option is added to Create Schedule and Create Trigger so that any flow that has a higher priority than the currently running flow will force stop the robot and start running. You need v22.12.0 for this to work, since the priority is handled by the robot.

Screenshot from 2022-12-12 17-05-26

⚡️ [Improved] Vault Share option is improved. There is no Unshare option anymore but by clicking the Share option you can add/update who can access to the vault in your workspace.