New updates and improvements to Robomotion

Robomotion v23.3.0 is out! 🚀

This release includes mostly fixes for Bot Console and Application Robots and a few improvements for the Queues and the Stop node.


Here is the Changelog for this release:  


⚡️[Fix] Bot Console instance stop detection and success/error message display.

⚡️[Improved] Added Reference field to the Queues -> Update Item State node. This is a custom field that can be used to reference a Queue Item. This field is _not_ encrypted, so we suggest not keeping sensitive data here.

Screenshot from 2023-03-05 16-05-26


You can find this Reference field in Admin Console -> Queues screen, and use it to search for a processed item.


Screenshot from 2023-03-05 16-06-39


⚡️[Improved] Stop node. Previously Admin Console -> Jobs screen was only displaying an Error if it is an Unhandled Exception. But if you use a Catch node and then Stop the flow, it was considered a success.

Now you can decide if the flow run was a success or failure. "Success" status was the default of the previous Stop node. "Failed" status requires a reason.


Screenshot from 2023-03-05 16-21-50


The flow result will be displayed as "Failed" and the provided Reason will be displayed in the Admin Console -> Jobs screen.


Screenshot from 2023-03-05 16-17-54