New updates and improvements to Robomotion

Robomotion v23.4.0 is out! 🚀

Our main focus still is the Cloud Run feature and our upcoming Bot Store. We are about to release Cloud Run as public-beta after migrating our robot cluster to Google Cloud servers.

All the Bot Console functionality is ready and can be used today within your workspace privately. We are working on to the "Publish to Bot Store" feature and our review processes.

We have dropped the Bot Credits idea. The publisher will be able to choose the Bot price as a Free, One-Time or Monthly Recurring payment option. Bot prices and the Application Robot licenses will be 2 separate things. You will still need Application Robot licenses to be able to create Bot instances.

Here is the Changelog for this release:

⚡️[Added] Excel -> Find and Replace node to be easily replace data in an Excel file.

⚡️[Improved] Flow Designer robot selection window now will show a Search Bar if you have more than 5 connected robots.

⚡️[Fixed] An issue in the Flow Designer with the Application Robots node coloring when you are developing a flow is fixed.

⚡️[Fixed] If you load a flow, do not touch anywhere but only open a Function node, save the Function and then try to Save the flow without touching any node, the changes were not being saved. For Designer the flow state was as if it had never been updated. This is fixed now.

⚡️[Improved] Flow start time and node initialization speeds are improved for large flows, near 5x to 10x times. This was much more noticeable on 1 vCPU low-resource VPS.

⚡️[Fixed] CSV node was crashing when an unexpected encoded character is seen.

⚡️[Improved] We are now creating crash dump reports for the package crashes. These are mostly seen as grpc errors or transport is closing messages. These dumps can be found under the CrashDumps folder created in the same folder where the package executable binary is. If -s option is used from command line while connecting the robot or is selected from GUI they are also sent to our servers. This will help as to find the problems much faster and fix them.

⚡️[Added] Headless Bots on Bot Console now can have secure Vault Items inside the Setup screen. We will share videos to show how to use this feature.