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Robomotion v23.4.1 is out! 🚀

Contains some minor fixes, updates and improvements for Bot Console.

Here is the Changelog for this release:

⚡️[Added] In Admin Console -> Bots you can now pick your CPU and Memory requirements for your Bots' Cloud Run option.

Screenshot from 2023-04-23 21-45-09

( 1 vCPU + 2 GB is 1x minute, 2 vCPU + 4 GB is 2x minute, 4 vCPU + 8 GB is 3x minute, 8 vCPU + 16 GB is 4x minutes dropped per every actual minute from your Cloud Run minutes. )

You can also check "Only Cloud" option if you only want your Bot to be run with Cloud Run and _not_ Desktop Run. If this is selected, Bot Console will not popup a Cloud or Desktop run option but will just Run the bot instance when you press the Run button.


⚡️[Fixed] Bot Console now shows your available Application Robots for Bot Instance creations. The problem was if your App Robot licenses are not coming from Admin Console -> Subscriptions but from the Admin Console -> Licenses, then it was not being counted. It is fixed now.


Every instance creation uses your current App Robot License / Slot, if you delete that Bot's instance, you can use that license for another Bot instance. Plans come with Application Robot licenses, you can buy more from Admin Console -> Subscriptions.


Once the Bot Store is launched, bots will be available for purchase separately, with prices ranging from free, one-time fees, and monthly recurring charges. However, to create a bot instance and utilize these pre-built automations, an App Robot license or slot will still be required. As a result, any RPA developer can assign a value to their bots on the Bot Store.

⚡️[Improved] We have added more details (keywords, website, support email, pricing etc) for publishing your bot to Bot Store screens and for the review process. - "Review Process" is still WIP.

⚡️[Changed] We require a unique email address for each Robomotion Workspace creations now.

⚡️[Fixed] We have fixed a bug in Subscription Plan updates.

⚡️[Fixed] Schedule with Cloud Run option is now fixed and working.

⚡️[Fixed] Applications -> App Download node had a bug while saving the files for non-latin characters and was saving with broken encodings as below:

Screenshot from 2023-04-23 22-17-30

⚡️[Improved] Flow Designer and Robot can now support 4-part namespace names, such as Robomotion.Spotify.Episodes.GetAnEpisode.

Screenshot from 2023-04-23 22-03-16

( This is also a Work-In-Progress feature, a big update is coming soon. We are going to be adding maybe over 400 new package integrations in the following weeks and this was a requirement for packages that can have hundreds of nodes. )