New updates and improvements to Robomotion

Robomotion v23.5.0 is out! 🚀

Contains error and debug logging improvements, node property improvements, Bot Console fixes/improvements and Bot Store publish process updates.


We are about to release our Bot Store next week.


Here is the Changelog for this release:


⚡️[Improved] Flow Designer package category updates. Added more and detailed categories for the packages. A package may now be in 1 or more categories.



⚡️[Added] Excel -> Insert Column node, takes an array of values and then can add these values to column




⚡️[Fixed] If a package requires a Double or Integer variable it was possible, but if the package can take these 2 types, there wasn't a way to show these 2 different types in Global / Flow scopes, now it is possible for the developed packages.


⚡️[Improved] Error messages in the Output tab is now shown as a Breadcrumb and you can click to any part of it to jump to the node.




⚡️[Improved] Error message system console outputs on a Terminal and Log files also now show the full trace of the error. This helps us to understand which flow and which part of the flow threw this exception. Before this, the .ERROR.txt logs was only showing the node name that had thrown the exception. With the update it now starts showing from the Flow name to the actual exception node that has thrown the exception.




⚡️[Improved] Debug node is only able to show up to 4KB of any debug dump, more than this is cropped. This was only be recorded in flow with some helper nodes. The recommended way was using a File System -> Write File node to write the msg object. But this was an extra work. Now Debug node dumps the msg to Terminal with full node trace and also if selected can write the Debug dumps into log files.










The default log-level is now "debug" and the .DEBUG.txt files are only written with the Debug node and when "Log Debug" option is checked. The flow can start from info level as before with --log-level="info" parameter.


⚡️[Improved] The Array Widget can now support Global / Flow variables.


Screenshot from 2023-05-04 23-36-10


⚡️[Improved] The JS scope can now be supported by any package node. This feature is not used as much as it deserves. With a JS scope you don't need a Function before the node for just a one-liner. JS Scope is like Custom Scope but can take Javascript Expressions and eliminates the Function node for small things.


Screenshot from 2023-05-04 23-39-11


⚡️[Improved] Publish to the Bot Store screens are now improved with more detail.


Screenshot from 2023-05-04 23-41-31


⚡️[Fixed] Bot Console instance creation limit checker and error notifications are fixed now.


⚡️[Improved] Bot Console auto vault secret injections for both Desktop and Cloud Run options are added.


⚡️[Improved] When any node does throw an exception, the Flow Designer Output panel was showing 2 errors: 1 for the actual node and the other for the subflow containing the node. This is now reduced to 1 error in the Output panel.