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Robomotion v23.5.2 is out! 🚀

Here is the Changelog for this release:


⚡️[Improved] Added JS Scope to Application package nodes.


⚡️[Fixed] The error trace for package nodes is fixed, was only working for the default robot nodes.




⚡️[Improved] "Wait Timeout" option is added to every Browser node that expects an XPath or CSS Selector. The default value is 5 sec. There is no need to use a separate Wait Element node now. Wait Element node can be used for more advanced cases like, waiting for appear, disappear or appear and disappear of an element separately.


Screenshot from 2023-05-15 21-43-58


⚡️[Fixed] A long time standing bug for <textarea> element is fixed. Set Value and Get Value can now be used on a textarea element without getting a "not an input element" error.


⚡️[Fixed] Trace error for system console and ERROR.txt logs are fixed for package nodes.


Screenshot from 2023-05-15 21-48-14


⚡️[Improved] The misleading and confusing error message "unexpected end of JSON input" is changed now. This is the case where the Vault Secret Key is not injected and a package node tries to read a Vault Item.