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Robomotion v23.6.0 is out! 🚀

Web Automation package is here. It is written from scratch on top of Selenium. It is a separate package and not embedded in the Robot. It supports Chrome, Headless Chrome, Firefox, Headless Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Brave and soon will support Safari.


Here is the Changelog for this release:


⚡️[Fixed] Bot instances in Bot Console was not responding after some time. It doesn't matter you disconnect-connect the robot again, the instance start was not trigerring the App In node. The problem is fixed now.


⚡️[Added] For a better experience of the Bot Store, the Free plans now include 1 Application Robot and 30 minutes of cloud run to make this experience possible => 


⚡️[Improved] Some Flow Designer slow-down problems are solved. We will work on more optimizations.


⚡️[Added] Most of the missing jsScope options are added to the Input properties of the default packages. jsScope is great if all you need is a one-liner. So instead of using a Function node you can use jsScope for dynamic content.


Screenshot from 2023-06-11 20-56-11


⚡️[Added] Process -> Get Env Variable node is added. It returns the requested Environment Variable's value from the robot process context.


Screenshot from 2023-06-11 21-03-45


⚡️[Fixed] Stop node has an option to mark the flow as Success/Failed. The Failed option takes a reason string and should stop the flow with an error message that is also recorded in the Jobs screen. But there was a race in the older robot versions that causes to record it as success or failed randomly. This is fixed. With 23.6.0 Stop Failed Race bug is fixed now.


⚡️[Added] Web Automation is added. Includes every Browser node and more. Supports all the browsers. (* Currently only the Edge for Windows and Chrome drivers are auto downloaded - other drivers has to be installed and extracted into the robot's /bin folder - will add support for auto download in later releases ).




⚡️[WIP] Our plans for the default Browser package is to make it only support Chrome but add much more advanced features on it that is only possible with a direct access to the Chrome DevTools Protocol that Selenium automations can not do. This will allow you to interact with various aspects of the browser, including manipulating the DOM, handling network requests, accessing performance metrics, and more. You will also be able to listen the direct events inside Chrome like loadingFinished, requestWillBeSent, responseReceived, dataReceived etc.