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Robomotion v23.7.0 is out! 🚀

This release focused on Image Automation changes, Assistant improvements, Cloud Run enhancements, and bug fixes.


Here is the Changelog for this release:


⚡️ [Improved] In this release, we have removed the default Image and OCR nodes, resulting in the elimination of the OpenCV dependency of the robot. This change has led to substantial reductions in build times and maintenance issues for us.

Going forward, for Image Automation tasks, we have introduced the Image Automation package, which is now the designated solution. This package has been enhanced to handle both Image and OCR tasks with improved efficiency and reliability.


Screenshot from 2023-07-24 22-42-26


⚡️[Fixed] We resolved the issue with template subflow double-clicking. Previously, clicking a subflow in an opened template was failing; you could only view the subflow after importing the template. Now, you can seamlessly access and interact with subflows within the preview page.


⚡️[Fixed] We addressed the problem where global variables $FlowName$ and $FlowVersion$ were empty when a flow was triggered by Queue Insert. Both variables now function correctly, providing the required information as expected.


⚡️[Improved] We are introducing two new nodes to the Assistant package, enhancing the file management capabilities. The "Upload File" node now provides a convenient drag and drop region, enabling users to effortlessly upload files to the robot. On the other hand, the "Download File" node generates a link, allowing users to download the desired file generated or pushed by the flow/robot.

To prioritize security, both nodes utilize end-to-end encryption. This ensures that the uploaded and downloaded files are only readable within that specific chat session. Moreover, the session keys are retained solely within the client session window.


Screenshot from 2023-07-24 22-46-02


⚡️[Added] We are also introducing the new "Prompt" mode in Assistant, enhancing the interactive experience. You can easily switch to this mode by using the "Change Mode" node. With the "Prompt" node, you can now take user inputs.


Screenshot from 2023-07-24 23-03-39



Screenshot from 2023-07-24 23-04-52



⚡️[Improved] Flow limits are now visible in the Admin Console -> Dashboard scren. You can keep track of flow usage, which includes all flows created by workspace users.


Screenshot from 2023-07-24 22-50-21


⚡️[Fixed] The Windows Automation package's Windows Inspector tool bug was causing issues when trying to inspect elements on an RDP-connected machine. The problem was caused by the beep sound generated when CTRL+x is pressed, when the remote computer does not have the necessary system libraries to generate that sound the inspector was crashing.


⚡️[Fixed] Http Trigger creation bug from Admin Console -> Triggers screen. IP address setting now works correctly; robot no longer binds to localhost / and no need for file to override this.


⚡️[Added] Improved Input Box node: Now can output the results into variables, not just the message object.


⚡️[Improved] For Each node: Current index output available for use within the flow. Iteration log now records the current iteration number. Enhancing flow control and tracking.


Screenshot from 2023-07-24 23-07-11



Screenshot from 2023-07-24 23-08-11



⚡️[Improved] Introducing Cold Start option for Cloud Run! Prior to this, running an Assistant Bot with Cloud Run required it to be kept running continuously, leading to excessive cloud credit consumption. Now, with the Auto-Start option available during Bot creation, you can Stop your robot after a period of inactivity.

When someone tries to access the link, if the Auto-Start option is checked, the bot instance will start automatically, allowing the bot to function seamlessly. This improvement helps optimize cloud resource usage and ensures your bot remains responsive while minimizing unnecessary expenses.