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Robomotion v23.7.1 is out! 🚀

This is an emergency minor release fixing chromedriver problems for Chrome version 115.

There are 2 problems here. The auto downloads are not working anymore because chromedriver changed the download links. The update fixes this.

The second problem is chromedriver is actually not working for Mac. This is due to the breakage of chromedriver in Chromium project. So even if you download 115 chromedriver for Mac it is still problematic and not working, so we force download 114 chromedriver which is working for Mac. For Windows and Linux only fixing the downloads and fixing the auto download mechanism works.

The details of the issue is here: 


Here is the Changelog for this release:


⚡️ [Fixed] Chromedriver update problems. This was causing "invalid session id" errors especially on Mac. Mac chromedriver 115 version can not start Chrome so no session is created and Browser nodes fail. We have created a workaround for this. Also robot now downloads the ARM version of chromedriver if it is M1 or M2 processor. (Note: This is not solving the x86_64 simulated slow down problem. It is still in our roadmap.)


⚡️ [Fixed] The latest Windows Inspector was failing with a missing dependency, now it is fixed.