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Robomotion v23.9.0 is out! 🚀

We're excited to introduce the new version 23.9.0 of Robomotion RPA! The most significant update this month is the integration of our new Web Recorder. It is currently in its initial phase and will continue to improve as we receive more use cases from our community.


Additionally, we are actively working on our Add-On infrastructure, which will bring AI Credits, Proxy Requests, and Captcha Credits.


Furthermore, we have implemented a new Monitoring system that will notify you when a robot has been disconnected for a period of time and whenever your flow becomes unresponsive—indicating no node execution for a specific time.


Here is the Changelog for this release:


⚡️ [Added] Monitoring: We have introduced a new monitoring system capable of tracking and alerting you whenever a robot is down or a flow remains idle for a specific duration. This is our initial version, and we have a significant update in the works that will introduce Tags. Tags will allow you to create custom signals from your flows, enabling you to generate reports and build custom dashboards based on this data.


Screenshot from 2023-09-21 00-45-09


⚡️ [Fixed] Jobs: We have successfully addressed a race condition problem where flows that execute rapidly were at risk of being incorrectly labeled as "Failed," or in cases where a flow initiated and completed quickly, it might not have appeared in the jobs screen at all. This was a particularly challenging issue to diagnose, replicate and resolve. We will continue to closely monitor this condition.


⚡️ [Added] Web Recorder: We have developed and integrated version 2 of our Chrome Extension, transforming it into a recorder tool.


Screenshot from 2023-09-21 00-53-33


⚡️ [Fixed] Subflow Library: We have corrected a subflow library bug in which a library, utilizing a package dependency that the main flow was not using, was causing the robot to fail in downloading the dependency and initiating the flow.


⚡️ [Improved] Scrape Table: Added Vertical Html Table Scraping support to the Browser -> Scrape Table node. Just use the right selector to the table and check the Vertical option.


⚡️ [Fixed] Proxy: We have resolved a bug in our Open Browser Proxy functionality, specifically when attempting to access an HTTPS URL with a proxy that requires basic authentication. The issue was related to credentials not being passed to the proxy correctly, but this has now been fixed.


⚡️ [Fixed] Race Condition in Vaults -> Get Item Node: We have addressed a race condition issue within the Vaults -> Get Item node. In scenarios where it was utilized across multiple branches, a race condition was occurring, potentially leading to the corruption of the credentials.yaml file and even the inadvertent removal of injected secrets. This issue has been resolved now.


⚡️ [Improved] Flow Start Time: We have enhanced the handling of package start times by transitioning from sequential start processing to parallel execution, resulting in faster flow initiation.